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Welcome at rk-engineer
We see ourselves as a service provider offering a network of partners and specialists qualified to address component solutions of a somewhat higher complexity than those usually contained in inquiries and offers. We assemble the procedural steps for complex tasks, small series, or spare-parts requirements all about aluminum casting and packetize the appropriate supply chain.

The homepage serves as a point of contact as well as a reference point and will be continuously expanded by additional information, and the Partner page will continue to grow as the name of more and more affiliated companies are being added. The Partner page will contain the names of our business associates specialized in complete aluminum castings or in individual processes all around a particular aluminum casting. Irrespective of new project, re-engineering, relocation of entire processes … trust us to find the right approach.

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Dipl.-Ing-(FH) Roland Koch
Auditor TS 16949 and VDA 6.3
Business Coach (TÜV)

Roland Koch, more than 20 years of professional experience in executive management positions serving the automotive supply industry, vehicle manufacturing, and the office furniture industry. Served the last few years as the technical managing director of a medium-sized manufacturer of die-cast aluminum (80 m Euros annual turnover), was in charge of all producing locations, R&D and world wide die-casting tool procurement.

Specialist Area

- CRM and customer support
- Feasibility Studies and Process development
- Project Management and Controlling
- Supplier Management
- Shop floor management
- Development and coaching of executives
- Quality management and auditing
- Quality assurance and „Zero Fault“ strategies.

Core Business

- Strategic Business development, Key Account and Customer Relation
- Process analyses, improvements, and increase in profitability
   Initiation and implementation of joint ventures in Europe and India
- Development of business locations and operational and
   organizational structures in foreign countries



Our partners

Our partners serve as suppliers to a wide range of industries and have been successful market players for many years. Their size allows them to react flexibly and to operate profitably even on a small scale. Our main focus is not on large projects but on a wide range of customers and components who can be served perfectly by a lean management structure. Thanks to our partners‘ many years of experience in a wide range of aluminum casting applications they have become specialists in various different domains and will be happy and able to devise unorthodox solutions for a particular component. It is the customized solutions which distinguish us from all the others out there.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and the upcoming challenges.